Build cost effective apps based on your business strategy.

We partner with entrepreneurs and companies at every stage of their business to develop their digital products.


🏃‍♂️ Jump in at any stage of our process.


📊 Let’s analyse your business.

Learn if your customers want your product and get:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the business behind your app.

  • A detailed breakdown of the right customers.

  • A demo to get early feedback on the value of your offering.



🛠 Let’s build your digital Minimum Viable Product.

Learn how your customers use your product and get:

  • A cost effective digital product to quickly test the viability of your business.

  • Data on how your customers actually use your product.

  • Insights on how to solve your customers problems more effectively.



🚀 Let’s launch your product, together.

Learn how your application works as a business and get:

  • A fully functioning digital application improved by feedback from your MVP.

  • Revenue generating and customer growth strategies.

  • Comprehensive user and application data to make valuable improvements.



📈 Let’s support your business as you grow.

We’ll be your ongoing product strategy and development team.

  • Customer retention

  • Customer growth

  • Business growth

  • Technical support



🤝 The team. The squad. The crew.



  • 10+ years of business management experience.

  • Built a number of tech companies.

  • Raised hundreds of thousands in angel investment.


  • 10+ years of Project Management experience.

  • Operated on large-scale product launches.

  • Experienced in business strategy.


  • 4 years of development ops and IT support

  • 5+ years in Marketing and Social Media agencies

  • Worked across multiple high profile brands


  • 3 years digital and web app designer.

  • User experience designer.

  • Runs user interviews and users tests.


  • 8+ years experience as a Designer.

  • Strong focus on digital design.

  • Worked across multiple high profile brands.


  • Product management support.

  • User interviews.

  • Product and service testing.


A few examples of our work.

The Metier team have been really great to work with. They’ve done an incredible job understanding my vision for what Vendapp could be. I look forward to working with them to grow my business.
— Khaled Al Jabri CEO of Areeb Group
A highly creative agency with stacks of expertise and enthusiasm - the team are a joy to work with.
— Iona Hames, Founder, and Consultant at IJH
It has been a real pleasure working with the Metier team! They’ve also been instrumental in providing important feedback and creative direction during our brainstorming sessions. We look forward to working closely with the Team to take our project to the next level.
— Tamaz Jhashi CEO of Commodifi

Drop us an email us at if you have any questions or you’d like to talk about how we can help over a cuppa. (We make excellent tea.)

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