An iterative approach to planning, guiding, designing and developing a project. Each planned section is called an iteration. As a way of working, it helps the process move quickly and cost effectively.

The "alpha phase" of software development follows the early programming and design stages, but precedes the "beta phase" in which the software closely resembles the final version.


Beta software refers to software that's still being tested and not yet been 'officially' released. The beta phase follows the alpha phase, but precedes the final version.

Business Plan
Got a plan about how your business will run, grow and make money? These are typically fairly long, so we like to do a Lean Canvas instead, which some call a 'business plan on a page.'


Used when describing prototypes. A clickable prototype effectively simulates a working product, but isn't hard-coded.

Competitor Analysis
We like to get information on how many direct and indirect competitors to your product are out there, how popular they are, and whether there is a gap in the market.

These are the words used in your product, website, or ad.

A copywriter is someone who writes persuasively to get their audience to do or feel something.

CTA (Call to Action)
This is the copy that clearly defines what the user should do on a web or product page. E.g. Sign up, Register, Join this group.


Once we've created a clickable prototype, and we've learned from your customers, we'll code it. This will have more functionality for you to test in front of your customers and feel more alive.


Exec Summary
It's a very high level summary of your proposition for the marketplace and a recommendation on how you could proceed with your product.


Interview Feedback
We run interviews and gather feedback at the end of every stage. This will helps make sure your product is on the right track with your users and always solving their problem.

Investor Deck
Our presentations are designed to tell your business' story succinctly to help you raise the funding you need to build the right product for your customer.


Lean Canvas
The Lean Canvas is a tool we use to test the robustness of your business idea. Your product idea might be great, but you should understand how it'll make money, or whether it truly solves the problems for your customers. It's effectively a business plan on a page.

A live project is a bit of a misnomer. Once your product is out of beta and in the real world, it's 'Live'. But we think of all our projects as alive โ€“ they're out there so we can learn from your customers and develop the product into something that will always solve their problem.


Mockups are used to show off how a product might potentially look in your ideal world. There is no UX thinking that's gone into it to see how it might work...It's primary purpose is to wow the audience.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
We like to describe an MVP as the very least a product can to be test one hypothesis with a specific audience.


Luckily, we work on a few projects at Metier Digital. But you can be sure that we won't share the specifics of your project with any other clients. We do promise to learn from everything we've worked on to help make your idea succeed as best as we can.


OPS Plan
This is a more detailed plan on how your business will operate in the short to medium term. It will include resourcing, processes, marketing strategy and more. The Ops Plan will be developed towards the end of the development process, as your product turns from an idea to a business.


We've broken up our process into five distinct phases โ€“ Understand, Innovate, Validate, Design and Deliver. At each stage we'll move from an idea in your head to a real revenue generating business.

Pitch Deck
A presentation you'll to show potential investors, partners, and users what your product could look like. It's very high level and designed to wow. You won't need to worry about all the little details.

Your final* deliverable. This can be anything from a website to an app to a spaceship HUD. Shout out to Elon.

*At Metier, nothing is ever final. Listen to your customers, develop and iterate fast.

Product Manager
This is the person on the Metier team who decides or prioritises features of your product. Our clients might be the customer, but our Product Manager's focus is on understanding and delivering for your end customer. They're the real boss.

A prototype is an early sample of your product. We'll try to get into the hands of your audience to test a concept or learn from it. And nope, we don't code these either. This means we can iterate quickly.


Quality assurance is the process used to discover design issues and development errors while testing a product's user interface (UI) and gauging the user experience (UX).