📝 Frequently Asked Questions.

We’ve done our best to answer a lot of the questions we get asked. If you have any others though, email us at hello@metierdigital.com and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.


What’s an MVP?

An MVP is a version of your digital product, app or service that solves your customers' core problems for the least amount of effort, risk and cost.

Why should I build an MVP?

Building an MVP allows you to quickly prove the core concept of your business and find out the most effective ways of generating revenue.

What makes building a digital product risky?

  • Because it’s (usually) pretty expensive.

  • Your product may not solve your customers problem effectively enough.

  • After it’s been built, your customers will behave in unexpected ways.

  • Your market landscape will change faster than you predict.

How will you minimise my risk?

We get you to spend as little as possible to validate, develop and launch your MVP based on your customer’s problems, behaviour and feedback.

We only bring our developers on to your project when we’re sure we’re building something valuable for your customers. This means they’re not an ongoing cost to you (or us).

How will you minimise my cost?

We test assumptions, but develop based off facts which mean there’s less risk in the development stage. Customer data and product strategy helps us constantly validate your business against your customers goals and your market.

What does data and strategy have to do with anything?

Absolutely. We offer ongoing product strategy and development to improve customer retention, growth and revenue.

Will you help me after it’s built?

It depends on the complexity of your project. We’re confident it’d be less than a typical app developer. And more importantly, you’ll be closer to building the right thing to start (or grow) your business.

How much will this cost me?

The team has worked on apps and businesses for Fujitsu, Rackspace, Nissan, Renault, Adidas, and more. We’ve raised hundreds of thousands of investment ourselves and helped founders do the same.

What have you done before?

Well most app developers will just build what you ask them to.

We increase the likelihood of your success by focusing on your customers needs, revenue goals and your users behaviour to build the right things. And then we work with you to grow your product and your business on an ongoing basis.

How are you different to app developers?

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, creatives and strategists from London. We’ve done the corporate thing, but really that want to help founders and businesses solve everyday problems in innovative and impactful ways.

And honestly, we just love to help.

Who are you?

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